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Section heading (h1)

The page heading communicates the main focus of the page. Make your page heading descriptive and keep it succinct.

Section heading (h2)

These headings introduce, respectively, sections and subsections within your body copy. As you create these headings, follow the same guidelines that you use when writing section headings: Be succinct, descriptive, and precise.

Subsection heading (h3)

The particulars of your body copy will be determined by the topic of your page. Regardless of topic, it’s a good practice to follow the inverted pyramid structure when writing copy: Begin with the information that’s most important to your users and then present information of less importance.

Keep each section and subsection focused — a good approach is to include one theme (topic) per section.

Subsection heading (h4)

Use the side navigation menu to help your users quickly skip to different sections of your page. The menu is best suited to displaying a hierarchy with one to three levels and, as we mentioned, to display the sub-navigation of a given page.

Read the full documentation on our side navigation on the component page.