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The Issues

Economy: Let's make Metro Atlanta a sustainable tech hub for the South.

  • Establish a Metro Atlanta entrepreneurship studio, a public-private partnership to help create jobs right here and businesses in the public interest.
  • Collaborate with the federal government, investors, and philanthropy to create sustainable technology companies and organizations that work towards the social good.
  • Create high-paying jobs in the technology and public interest sector and attracting the next wave of innovation to GA: AI and digital infrastructure companies.
  • Bring high-speed Internet throughout Metro Atlanta and Georgia so that all Georgians have the right access they need.

Education: Let's give all Georgians access to a world-class education.

  • Require courses in civics and financial literacy for all students who graduate from high school.
  • Provide healthy and free meals in state schools to students who cannot afford it themselves.
  • Ensure every high school gives students a voice in governance, so that they can share what policies work best and worst for them.
  • Expand Dual Enrollment programs such as Move on When Ready and the availability of the HOPE Scholarship and Zell Miller Scholarships, so more Georgian students can get a quality education in-state.
  • Invest in community colleges such as Georgia Perimeter College so that they can equip our children with the skills they need to succeed.

Climate: Let's take care of the environment and keep our towns beautiful.

  • Address climate change by investing in green energy; encouraging people to reuse and recycle; and working with federal programs to get funding and jobs in clean energy sectors.
  • Invest in more parks and green space to keep our homes and streets beautiful.
  • Invest in better roads, more sidewalks, and more bike lanes in order to improve our transportation infrastructure. Let's make our suburbs more walkable!
  • Advocate for ATL Trains — a public transit system to connect Metro Atlantans, drastically reduce congestion on I-85 / I-75 / I-285, and provide more accessibility to those who cannot drive a car.

Public Safety: Let's make our communities safer.

  • Protect the right to bear arms while increasing background checks to make it harder for dangerous people to get guns.
  • Support our police in keeping us safe by investing in body cameras and training, and invest in other services such as mental health and counseling for non-violent offenses.
  • Pass state consumer protection, online safety, and antitrust laws to keep big tech companies accountable for online harms and children safe on social media.

Healthcare: Let's lower costs and improve care.

  • Expand Medicaid so that low-income Georgians can receive the essential healthcare they need.
  • Lower prescription drug costs by passing a state-level drug pricing transparency law. This will require healthcare companies operating in GA to be more transparent and accountable with drug pricing.
  • Provide a tax credit for doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals, to thank them for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage more to join the profession.
  • Enact a GA child tax credit, to help reduce child poverty and incentivize people to have families.
  • Protect reproductive rights. The right to choose shouldn't be dictated by the government.

Government: Let's build state and local government capacity.

  • Provide hand-marked paper ballots in all elections, the best way to ensure our elections are secure, and give agencies more resources for cybersecurity.
  • Pay our civil servants more so that we can hire and retain more talented people.
  • Place more technologists into our court systems and other state and local agencies to improve citizens' experience with government websites and technology.